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Dylan Solo

You won’t believe how handsome and fresh-faced this fine recruit is. This is Dylan and you’ve really gotta see him to know what I mean. Boy, I think we have a wonderful adventure ahead of us with this soldier.

At 6’2′, Dylan is tall and lean. Right from the jump, he seems very comfortable, although this is his first time jerking his meat on camera. Once Dylan pulls out that stiff cock, we get an idea where all that confidence may be coming from…this boy is packin’ some heat!

Wow, what a nice dick and luxurious balls on this young recruit. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how Dylan fits in with the rest of the squad. I could see him using that large, strong meat to pound some of the tight, under-experienced holes of his fellow recruits, but I could just as well imagine Dylan being a nice, slender fuck toy for our bigger, stronger squad members.

Claude does a wonderful job here of getting some excellent shots of Dylan’s gorgeous face, with those eyes, that smile, and those freckles. He also does an excellent job of capturing great moments as Dylan shows us the true size and perfect shape of his throbbing cock. By the attention Dylan pays us as we watch him jack his thick boner, I know he’s gonna do a great job for us once he starts experimenting with other recruits.

You’re gonna simply fall in love with this laid-back, handsome young man. I certainly did, and I know we’ll all be eagerly awaiting his next adventure with us.

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