Gabriel Phoenix and Sam Syron

Gabriel Phoenix and Sam Syron
The Big C Men

Back in his favourite haunt, Sam chances upon a damn fine hairy young stud, the blond beauty having heard of the size of the dicks that hang around the area and wants in on that! Catching Sam, his luck is in and Sam is straight up and pulling the muscled young lad towards him and filling his face with the stiff meat on offer. Slurping down all the way so his face is pushing against his hairy balls and crotch, getting the full flavour of Gabriel’s juicy dick! Repaying the favour, Sam is soon right inside his few found fuck buddy, tongue first, then fingers and pulling back on his dick and balls, truly owning the lad who wandered in. Not one to run away, Gabriel wants more and pulls Sam’s face deep into his hairy crack, getting it nice and wet and open – he already knows how much it’s going to stretch him! Pulling the naked hairy young stud towards him, ass up and nowhere to go, Sam’s giant dick slides inside and he goe right to the balls straight away – no fucking around! Picking up the speed, Gabriel is pushed down, unable to push back so takes it all with no option otherwise, not that he would ever say no to dick! Flipping him round and getting a grip of his hairy leg, Sam gives us and him the best access in, ready to shoot his load all over that hairy ass, letting Gabriel finish himself off as the spunk is slapped around his puckered hole, frothing up nicely as his hairy chest is covered with his own load spurting high and far from his quivering dick.

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