Groovy Dave Solo

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Peter Fever Easter Deal

Groovy Dave fucks a plastic pussy and jerks off for Swingin’ Balls.

Groovy Dave‘s sexy ass crack is lined with fuzzy curls and his dick is framed by natural pubes and lightly hairy thighs. Down on all fours and faced away, we get a great view of thick cock and dangling balls.

He picks up a soft fleshy pussy toy, and soon the head of his slick cock is popping out the other end. as he fucks it on the bed. Pumping and prodding all the way through the fuck toy, he changes speed and angle like it was an actual babe he’s plowing. He casually takes up the rhythm with his beating fist and squirts out a juicy spurt across his tight abs. He picks up his phone and watches something hot, then coaxes out a second splash all over his stomach.

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Groovy Dave Solo

Groovy Dave Solo 1

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