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Big dick soldier Alex James jerks off for Active Duty.

Muscle soldier Alex James reveals his huge muscular chest and his big thick cock. He uses the lotion we gave him and his dick grows and grows until it’s fully hard in his big muscular hands. He strokes every inch of that hard thick dick as our camera man shifts focus and gives us a great close up view of this soldier’s sexy hard dick. Dirk can see that he is ready and tells him it’s time for him to get on the bed and give us some booty shots. Alex loves to be told what to do and obeys his command. He bends over on the bed pushing his face into the pillow and he shows off his hairy ass for all to see.

He spreads his virgin hole wide with both hands until Dirk gives him the word that it’s time to continue stroking that big dick of his. Alex James gives his finale strokes and our camera man has a gorgeous side shot of this beautiful man as he releases his built up balls and all his thick cum shoots out of his thick cock spurt after spurt until his rookie balls are empty. The relief on this young soldier’s face is amazing. Dirk has Alex rise up on the bed onto his knees giving us a great view of his ripped abs and his fresh sticky load.

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