Dominic Pacifico Presents: Casey Everett

Dominic Pacifico Presents: Casey Everett
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Casey Everett jerks off for Dominic Pacifico’s “Repent”.

At the monastery, sexual fervor is affecting even the most devout and chaste of the young novices. Brother Casey Everett has worn the hard metal chastity belt as a living symbol of forsaking worldly pleasure, but now he can’t fight off its temptations. Breaking every rule, he rummages through and finds the key to the metal cage that binds in his thick, perfect unused cock and aching nuts. Unleashed and unable to keep his hands off his priceless jewels, he allows himself to dive in and revel in sinful pleasure for the first time.

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His pent-up prick sends a thrill through every nerve in his muscular, angelic body as he lets it respond to his touch. Finally Casey Everett feels connected, body, mind and soul. This new sexual experience gives him purpose and he’s an immediate convert to sensual pleasure and chasing every chance to share it with his brothers.

For now though, stroking and stoking the fires in his crotch are the only thing that matters. Settling down into the ornate seat his hands work like Renaissance masters in turning arousal and orgasm into gorgeous reality. He sniffs at the musk sexual awakening that has fired up in his underarms, feels the slick sensuality as his clenched hand glides across the smooth skin of his cock. His breath is halting and deep as dick and balls dictate every move. With a cry to the gods he feels it all pour out in a moment of heady release as a fountain of churning cum rivets and rockets out into a new awakening. As Casey Everett licks his sticky fingers, the taste of man he instinctively savors will not be his last.

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Dominic Pacifico Presents: Casey Everett

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