JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy 4

JJ Knight fucks bareback Cameron Hardy for Bad Puppy.

Legendary JJ Knight joins new-comer Cameron Hardy in a hot action scene where Cameron is introduced to JJ’s thick, long cock. JJ is from Memphis, TN and while he does not admit to being “good” he does admit to being a “southern boy.” Cameron begins stroking JJ’s cock which is already hard as a rock in his underwear.

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Cameron Hardy is obviously distracted from the discussion and has to pull JJ’s cock out of his shorts. He wastes no time at all swallowing as much of JJ’s cock as would go down his throat. JJ Knight reaches around and pulls down Cameron’s underwear exposing his ass to JJ’s fingers. Cameron flips over on the bed, his nude ass exposed for JJ’s tongue. JJ’s moves in and begins tongue-fucking Cameron’s hole.

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After he gets it nice and wet, JJ Knight slowly pushes his huge cock all the way up Cameron’s ass. Just like JJ predicted, Cameron eases into it very quickly and JJ is soon pounding away. These two studs go at it all over the bed with Cameron ending up on his back and JJ fucking him harder than ever. As JJ get close he pulls out, grabs his dick and shoots a thick, messy load coating Cameron’s chest, abs, cock, and balls.

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Pictures of JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy 1

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy 2

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy 3

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy 4

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy 5

JJ Knight and Cameron Hardy 6



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