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Jon Bull is a beefy British skinhead.

Beefy straight skinhead Jon Bull shows off his very fat, veiny uncut cock and jerks off for us in this hot solo for those who like their men stocky and blokey… Jon chats first – he has a loud, deep voice, confident sounding. Then he gets down to some horny bulge groping as he gets a semi in his rugby shorts, then takes them off… He gets a big stiffie in his white undies, before pulling them down.

Jon is a very well hung lad, and he has plenty of foreskin too.. the interesting thing is, even though he is hard at the start, it looks a good thicknes.. but as he plays with his cock, its gets thicker and thicker till its so hard it has big bulging veins on it and looks almost twice as thick as it did at the start..

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Jon Bull rubs plenty of spit around the head, getting it nice and juicy, and shows off his seriously fat meat in different positions, jerking off for us, laying on the bed, then standing up, till he works himself up to cumming, and shoots his creamy white spunk into the palm of his hand, rubbing the thick hot cum all over his still throbbing dick..

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