Max Dior Jerks Off

Max Dior Jerks Off
The Big C Men

He has big muscles and a fat, long dick. Introducing Max Dior for Bad Puppy.

Max Dior wakes from his nap all horned up and his cock wants some attention. His hands start massaging his hot, well-defined muscles. One hand slips down, under his shorts, where something big is growing. As he unzips his shorts his cock is rock hard and trying to escape the top of his underwear.

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Max reaches down and pulls his balls out of his underwear before pulling out his thick, long, uncut cock. One hand starts working his cock while the other tweaks his nipples. It’s not long, however, that Max is two-fisting his cock as he fucks his hands. When the underwear finally comes off Max begins poking at his tight hole while the other hand continues working his cock and balls.

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Max Dior rolls over and kneels on the bed with his ass poking straight up at the camera. Zooming in we get an up-close view of his sweet, tight hole as Max spreads his cheeks wide. Laying back on the bed Max gets down to the business at hand and begins pounding his cock even faster. Max’s nuts soon disappear inside him and as his body tightens thick, long streams of jizz go squirting all over his legs, crotch and abs.

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Max Dior Jerks Off

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