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Beautiful gay porn model Titus Snow jacks off for BadPuppy.

22-year-old Titus Snow comes out of his shell during his interview and not long after he is standing in front of us wearing only his underwear. He spins around and pulls down his shorts showing off his tight bubble-butt. He turns back to the camera and not surprisingly, his cock is rock-hard. He grabs his thick, uncut dick and immediately starts jerking it. Titus lays back on the edge of the sofa, jacking his cock and fingering his hole. As Titus Snow gets into the feeling of his hand masturbating his cock, his head falls back and a deep moan escapes his mouth. He kneels onto the sofa with his ass pointed at the camera.

His fingers probe deeper into his hole and the sensations in his nutsack tell us he is getting close. As his breathing deepens his fingers slide deeper into his ass and his hand jacks his cock even faster. With a loud moan Titus Snow begins squirting jizz all over his stomach and crotch. As he wipes the cum off his cock, he puts his fingers to his mouth for a little taste of his own sweet jizz.

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Titus Snow Jerks Off

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