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Zario Travezz jerks off for Bad Puppy.

We learn during his interview that our 30-year-old, southern stud Zario Travezz is gay; but, first had sex with two separate women. He said he knew something wasn’t right and after he had his first sexual experience with a man, he’s been gay ever since. Zario stands at the end of his interview and strips his shirt off over his head. His body is tight and lean. His muscles are absolutely perfect due to him going to the gym five days a week.

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One thing stands out as he pulls off his pants. Zario’s thick dick is already rock-hard and is doing its best to poke out of the top of his underwear. He frees his cock from his shorts and starts stroking it. As he works his dick, Zario kneels over the sofa and his fingers start probing his hole.

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Zario Travezz locates a sex toy, lubes up his cock and slides his dick into the cock-jacking device. He starts working his cock deep into the toy, like he was fucking his dream date. His balls tighten up next to his body as each stroke brings him closer to exploding. Zario switches back to his hand and as he strokes his cock slower and longer his breathing gets louder. As his entire body tightens Zario lets loose and coats his hot abs with a good helping of his thick, creamy jizz.

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