Dimitri and Marcuccio For Young Bastards

Dimitri and Marcuccio For Young Bastards 1
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Young Bastards presents Dimitri and Marcuccio.

Horny Dimitri has slim little captive Marcuccio right where he wants him… in a collar and chain ready to be controlled and used. You can tell this slutty young man isn’t exactly new to the notion of being a toy for a horny dominant guy, he’s smirking and apparently looking forward to getting his smooth ass fucked, but can he take it from this boy? While Dimitri loves to go hard and mean with a twink like Marcuccio he’s in a sensual mood, groping an exploring his new play thing, bending the twink over and licking out his ass, savoring the taste of his musky opening and slipping a finger in to probe his warm depths.

Dimitri’s incredible cock is rock hard as he reveals it to feed his captive toy, making Marcuccio suck his boner and drink the precum leaking from his round tip. With his appetite whet he returns to the boy’s snug chute, taking aim with his naked inches and easing inside his warm tunnel, going balls-deep in the lad and making him moan with pleasure.

Grabbing the chain around his neck he controls his bottom with skill, giving the boy a ride on his length while Marcuccio’s cock swings and bounces, finally pounding his slut bottom on his back, making his bottom slave’s uncut cock pump hot white cream before pulling out and drenching his slave’s ass and taint with his own leaping splashes. Of course he needs to slide back inside and leave come cum behind, marking his territory!

Pictures of Dimitri and Marcuccio

Dimitri and Marcuccio For Young Bastards

Dimitri and Marcuccio For Young Bastards 1

Dimitri and Marcuccio For Young Bastards 2

Dimitri and Marcuccio For Young Bastards 3

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