Introducing Pablo Pen

Introducing Pablo Pen 3
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Hot Latin stud Pablo Pen joins Bentley Race.

Another hot new mate joining us this summer (yep, here in Australia is summer now) is 26 year old Pablo Pen from South America. I actually met Pablo in Berlin while I was there on vacation. I saw his beautiful photography online and asked him if he would model for me.

Well he actually took some convincing and eventually came and met me. This turned out to be one of the flirtiest of shoots I did during that trip. I hadn’t actually considered that I would end up having sex with Pablo, but it happened, and it was really hot. But back to the photoshoot.

It was a really hot day in Berlin so Pablo got naked quickly as I took his photos. He’s very fit, tanned, and is sporting a big dick. It gets rock hard as I start kissing our new mate. I think Pablo is a great new mate to kick off our summer season, and now I want to shoot with him again.

Introducing Pablo Pen

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Introducing Pablo Pen 3

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