The Big C Men

Sexy young red head Avery has been anally assaulted in parts one and two of this 4K session, hit and fucked as far as possible before Leo sprinkled him with cum, however the shrewd young fellow won’t be fulfilled until the point when he’s shrouded the little chap in liquid wax and scoured that huge whole cock until the point when Avery’s balls are siphoning cream!

Swill controlled and unfit to battle off his overwhelming expert the kid is made to throb with joy, hot wax sprinkling over his bare chest and stomach, a toy goofed his utilized hole and his cock unendingly stroked until the blend of torment and delight turns out to be excessively for him to withstand.

Pictures of Avery Monroe and Leo Ocean

As he groans and shouts out, his balls ricocheting with the speed of the stroking, his cock dispatches lashings of much-merited kid cream! Leo is happy with a vocation well done, covering the spent cock in wax before leaving Avery to lounge in his disgrace.

Video – Avery Monroe and Leo Ocean – Hot wax



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