The Big C Men

Brian is a fruitful specialist occupied practically relentless. He doesn’t possess energy for gatherings and dating, so when he needs sex, he visits the ghettos, where Tony now lives. This evening Brian needs simply quick sex. Driving through a hopeless road, he sees the engraving “Moderate whore. Low overhead, implies low costs.”

Intrigued, he leaves his vehicle and starts a discussion with the vagrant. Tony is prepared to do anything so Brian discloses to him what he needs. “I need to suck me, at that point I’ll fuck you” clarifies Brian. Tony completely runs the program however he at last sets out to inquire as to whether Brian needs to see a unique trap.

“Would you like to fuck my ass by your clench hand?” asks Tony and shockingly Brian says yes. What Tony doesn’t know is that Brian cherishes fisting. The businessperson has seen this enchantment multiple times yet he might want to see it yet again.

Pictures of Brian Bonds and Tony Orlando

Video – Brian Bonds is fisting Tony Orlando


The Big C Men


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