Drew Dixon and Dominic Pacifico

Drew Dixon and Dominic Pacifico in an extreme and kinky fuck session. Drew's ass gets seriously used by Dominic's big cock and fists. A very rough scene, don't miss it if you like it too harsh.

Drew Dixon and Dominic Pacifico 7

Dominic Pacifico is messy, verbal daddy to Drew Dixon’s dutiful base kid. Drew chokes on Dominic’s cock as Dominic stretches around to pull his head down nearer. Lean, good looking Brit Drew licks and loves Dominic’s substantial nuts, his cowhide top turned in reverse for greatest sucking with no visor in the way. He turns and squats look down onto the cowhide stage so his ass is up and spread open to make a plunge and suck.

Dominic benefits from Drew’s bristly break and hole, hands snatching tight to spread the hole. Drew’s hole opens and puckers for Dominic’s capable tongue. It’s a simple slide in as Dominic furrows his cock into the inviting hole. That hole is hungry to the point that no cock will be sufficient, so he pulls his legs separated and holds one knee up for Dominic to drive a clench hand in, achieve somewhere inside.

Pictures of Drew Dixon and Dominic Pacifico

When Dominic pounds in and turns his clench hand inside, Drew’s bladder gets over-energized and sends a course of piss curving high before him. Dominic attempts to get a taste similarly as the pee stream dies down. Drew’s rosebud sprouts and flies out his hole, inciting Dominic to take a held clench hand and drive everything back in. It’s a wet delicious display as lube and piss sprinkle around the stage, at that point Dominic adds to the fluid with his very own heap piss over Drew’s ass, dousing his dick and nuts. Roosting his boots on a dry edge of the stage, Drew pounds his hips and ass down onto Dominic’s upturned arm.

Video – Drew Dixon gets fisted and fucked by Dominic Pacifico




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