Latin Leche

Latin Leche’s cameraman plows a straight Latino is Latin Leche Numero 54.

Another poor tourist on the streets of Buenos Aires. This young man is implementing an ambitious plan. He has started from his homeland, Mexico, and continued to travel all over South America. Unfortunately, in Argentina, his money’s over. He needs a room, but how can he rent it without money?

Well, our cameraman is a merciful person. He is willing to offer shelter to the young Mexican, but with a condition – the guy has to agree to star in a video for Latin Leche. No money, in a foreign town.. This Mexican cannot refuse the offer. At first he has difficulty with the big bareback cock but pretty soon we can see him riding it as a professional jockey.

Pictures from Numero 54

Latin Leche: Numero 54

Latin Leche: Numero 54 1

Latin Leche: Numero 54 2

Latin Leche: Numero 54 3

Latin Leche: Numero 54 4

Latin Leche: Numero 54 5

Latin Leche: Numero 54 6

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