The Big C Men

Dirk releases him at it once he’s everything agreeable. Nicholas Sykes gets bare and starts stroking his substantial cock in the seat. He wants to speak profanely while he strokes his hard dick. His ink and attractive fit body add to all the magnificence this devoted fighter has.

He moves to the bed where he keeps on stroking and plays with his enormous thick cock. Dirk instructs him to assume the position thus he does. Nicholas twists around and spreads his legs so we as a whole can get a decent take a gander at his provocative tight virgin hole. He tunes in to each order from Dirk and when he’s set he flips back finished and keeps on playing with his balls while he pulls on every last bit of his huge dick.

Pictures of Nicholas Sykes

You realize the peak is coming when you see Nicholas begin to stroke his cock quicker than anything you’ve at any point seen previously. His hands are snappy firm and don’t give up until the point when his cum begins to splash toward each path covering a tremendous territory. Nicholas most likely has one of the hottest cum shots we have seen to date.

Video – Nicholas Sykes plays with his hard cock



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