Arlington Jones Jerks Off For Active Duty

Another real soldier makes his gay debut in a video by Active Duty. Let's welcome Arlington Jones - a very muscular guy who loves to play with his big prick.

Arlington Jones Jerks Off For Active Duty 2


Arlington Jones sat down with us and once he was finished with his presentation he gradually started removing all his garments. He wants to wear fighter briefs on account of the cozy feel as he strolls around out in the open. You can see his enormous lump through the fighters and once he takes them off his huge hard cock is good to go. He begins pulling at his huge smooth balls while stroking his throbbing cock.

His huge solid thighs flex as he stands up pulling on his dick developing his huge full balls. When he gets back on the bed he spreads his legs wide and begins prodding his virgin hole. You can hear the lube as he strokes his dick quicker and quicker and his groans start to top as the satisfaction is winding up increasingly serious.

Pictures of Arlington Jones

Claude never misses a shot and he can see that Arlington is going to pop so he moves in with a quickness without a moment to spare as Arlington impacts his heap straight here and there everywhere on his own hard dick and smooth abs.

Video – Arlington Jones jerks off


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