The Big C Men

In San Francisco, Troy Sparks and Jayden Banks invited Axel Abysse to play… Hard fucking and intense punching, the neighbors will appreciate! What occurs in the video? It begins with Troy Sparks, sucking Axel Abysse’s penetrated cock. In the interim Jayden Banks is watching them while jolting off. At that point, Axel gets fucked by a cock..

That’s right, it’s a cock, not a clench hand! Huge dick stud Troy enters Axel’s rosebud and fucks it for some time. Next, Troy is on every one of the fours, prepared for rosebud punch. This enormous dick top is likewise an extraordinary fisting base. Axel tells Jayden the best way to clench hand fuck his beau appropriately before he gets his rosebud punched as well.

Pictures of Axel Abysse, Jayden Banks and Troy Sparks

Video – Axel Abysse, Jayden Banks and Troy Sparks – Fisting session



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