Cazden Hunter and Ian Greene for Dominic Pacifico

It looks that Dominic Pacifico's site is now for fisting fans only. This week another fist scene makes its debut. Cazden Hunter slips his paw in Ian Greene's ass.

Cazden Hunter and Ian Greene for Dominic Pacifico 2

Cazden Hunter goes into the dark space to discover Ian Greene choked, blindfolded and bound to the calfskin seat. A thick string of salivation trickles from his mouth as Cazden lifts his face to spit in it. He pulls off the mean metal stifler to give Ian’s mouth access to his enormous whole piece. Ian sucks eagerly like the horny slave he is.

Ian’s glossy dark elastic tights are pulled mostly down to uncover his round smooth asscheeks, and Cazden gives them a smack. He slides them down further to hit and blush the hostage’s powerless butt. Hauling out a calfskin crop, he starts gently prodding Ian with sharp little whacks from back to rear end. Softened and blushing, Ian’s ass is excessively hot and touchy to stand up to. Cazden covers his face in the warm delicious break as Ian gestures in sad understanding.

Ian’s cock is long, thick and half-erect, reacting to his unforgiving treatment. He comes to behind to pull his ass open wide as his hole throbs and jerks for a greater amount of his captor. Cazden slaps his dick around the split and generally enters the warmed up manhole. Abstaining from the standard comforts he furrows in avariciously with no respect for Ian.

Pictures of Cazden Hunter and Ian Greene

Boots spread wide separated and hands on the seat, Ian is a vulnerable fuckpuppet groaning with need and yearning. Between hard siphons Cazden continues smacking his ass to remind him who’s supervisor. Unexpectedly he hauls out and comes to down for an immense irate dildo, slathers it with lube. Ian’s hole sets up token obstruction however respects a decent seven creeps of the arm-sized toy. He beats his cock as Cazden pounds it further into his horny ass.

Dark glove canvassed in coagulated lube, Cazden brings his clench hand into Ian’s wide open ass. Ian frowns and radiates a moan of assent and extreme surrender. Wrist profound, Cazden hauls out his clench hand to demonstrate Ian’s wet delicious rosebud.

Video – Cazden Hunter fist fucks Ian Greene




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