The Big C Men

Dom Ully is lying in bed observing some sex recordings when he begins playing with the lump developing in his clothing. He’s simply getting into some intense stroking when Nick Vargas scows through the entryway. Dom and Nick are both overwhelmed, yet Nick rapidly transforms the circumstance positive by bouncing into bed, stripping Dom out of his garments, and sucking up each and every inch of Dom’s long, whole cock.

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Dom comes to over, unfastens Nick’s jeans and soon the two studs are bare with Dom blowing Nick’s cock while Nick remains on the bed. Dom twists around and puts his ass noticeable all around. Scratch twists down next to him and starts spitting into Dom’s ass and lubing that tight ass with his tongue. Scratch before long mounts Dom and gradually drives his thick cock profound into Dom’s ass. Scratch begins beating, and Dom starts jacking his dick.

Pictures of Dom Ully and Nick Vargas

They go at it hot and overwhelming, making utilization of the bed’s broad land. At last, Dom is on his back with legs noticeable all around jacking quick and incensed as Nick fucks the hellfire out of him. Scratch assumes control jacking Dom’s cock making Dom begin squirting jizz all once again himself. Scratch fucks Dom’s hole significantly quicker. Similarly as Nick is going to lose it, he hauls out and dumps his thick, smooth heap of cum, covering Dom’s cock and balls.

Video – Dom Ully barebacks Nick Vargas



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