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Heavenly fuck! Our Double Anal Special discharge will explode your hole! At Timtales, we trust Valentine’s day is for the darlingsā€¦ of hole extending. That is the reason we got Drew Dixon the unholy fuck of his life. It’s an extraordinary twofold entrance session like no other.

Our Timtales Exclusives, the mammoth cock stallions Sly and Devon Lebron are twofold the inconvenience for Drew. Two massive enormous dark cocks for one hole as it were. Furthermore, let me reveal to you this, Drew couldn’t be more joyful.

Pictures of Drew Dixon, Sly and Devon Lebron

For that covetous base, it’s a blessing from heaven. That is to say, simply watch him sit on those two thick cocks easily. He’s one uncommon base that takes two cocks for its delight. I caution you it’s infectious. You will just wish it were you.

Raw Fuck Club

Video – Drew Dixon double fucked by Sly and Devon Lebron



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