Eddie Danger Jerks Off For Bad Puppy

Eddie Danger grabs his cock and massages it hard for his first solo session for Bad Puppy. He jerks off until his cock spits a massive load of cum all over him.

Eddie Danger Jerks Off For Bad Puppy 3

Eddie Danger has been in the business for around 10 years and concedes that when he gets extremely horny, he contacts his makers all horned up and prepared for some on-screen activity. At the point when he’s not working in pornography, he roller-skates go-go moves at a club in Washington DC. Eddie concedes toward the finish of his meeting that all the discussion had his dick chubbed up. He stands up, pulls down his shorts, uncovering a hard, long and very thick cock.

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Eddie snatches his masculinity and begins jacking – his huge, substantial balls skipping with his stroking movement. He lubes up his cock and gets down to the current business. He turns for the camera and as he keeps jacking his dick he twists around and spreads manhole for the camera. Eddie settles back in the seat and spotlights on the inclination between his hand and his cock as he keeps on working his thick bit of meat.

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In a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination, his balls go from fun to tight and as his body fixes, his groaning gets more intense and Eddie squirts a thick, muddled heap of smooth jizz. He takes his finger, gathers up a portion of his jizz and with a wink of his eye he sticks his cum-canvassed finger in his mouth and licks it clean.

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