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Jacob Tyler and Alex Meyer are on the bed making out, and these two horny folks don’t stop there as they get each other more sizzling immediately. Jacob’s preference for dick has him on his knees sucking Alex’s cock, his warm, wet mouth climbing and down that pole until it’s Alex’s swing to go down on Jacob. Utilizing his hand and mouth together, Alex works Jacob’s enormous dick and gets him hard as fuck so when these two folks are prepared to screw, Jacob’s beating hard prick goes in pleasant and simple.

Alex brings down himself onto that cock totally as he straddles Jacob and afterward starts to ride him once his ass get acquainted with the vast cock within it. Climbing and down, his hips crushing against Jacob’s as he fucks himself on Jacob’s dick until they attempt an alternate position with Alex on his back and Jacob between his legs. Inclining forward for a kiss, Jacob keeps on beating Alex while he strokes Alex’s erect cock until Alex nuts hard and after that Jacob jerks himself off, showering his cum crosswise over Alex!

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