The Big C Men

Joe Parker and Jessie Colter are lying in bed and Jessie is attempting to get a gander at Joe’s enormous cock, yet Joe is playing hard to get. In the wake of tussling forward and backward for a bit, Jessie gets his direction and Joe hauls out his cock. Jessie promptly exhibits his uncommon cock sucking aptitudes by profound throating the majority of Joe’s immense cock. When they are stripped, Joe sucks Jessie’s cock for a bit before Jessie presents his ass to Joe’s tongue.

After Joe edges him, he begins fucking Jessie on each of the fours at first. As Joe is delicate, he gets a kick out of the chance to wear a condom so he doesn’t cum excessively quick. Jessie then rides Joe’s cock for some time before ripping off Joe’s condom and after that lying on his back and letting Joe fuck him raw until both detonate with serious orgasm’s.

Pictures of Joe Parker and Jessie Colter

Video – Joe Parker fucks Jessie Colter



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