The Big C Men

David (Alec Cruz) got a puzzling message to go to the showers and stands at the registration counter to hear the supremacist assistant grumbling about an excessive number of Asians that night. On the telephone he rapidly purchases the bathhouse and influences the agent to get caught up with cleaning cumstains as discipline for his bias.

In the sling room, Darryl (Jessie Lee) has propelled one increasingly nitwit plan to get Justyn and David together. He considers if David strolls in to see Justyn (John Rene) at his sluttiest getting fucked in a bathhouse sling wearing extraordinary servitude outfit it will kick his drive up into high apparatus.

Studious Justyn obliges, a couple of reservations, and begins with a succulent hot cock sucking session wearing a dark calfskin subjugation cover. Darryl pounds Justyn’s face loaded with hot Asian dick to the backup of swinging, rattling chains and disco music. He lies back in the sling so Justyn can benefit from his cock while stooping in front. Darryl twists Justyn over the sling and pounds his cock into his pal’s tight strong ass.

Pictures of John Rene and Jessie Lee

Time for Justyn to discover the genuine fun of sling fucking, and he rests with his legs noticeable all around for Darryl to get the chains and furrow in. Darryl rattles the rafters with a stone hard fuck and Justyn’s groans demonstrate that his endeavors are doing something amazing. As Justyn and after that Darryl spurt their heaps, leaving Justyn a covered stud marinating in cum and lube, David appears at watch and propose. He presents his cock ring as a wedding band, and Darryl surges off to round up Bobo for a four stud blow out/commitment party. David and Justyn kiss to do what needs to be done.

Video – Jessie Lee fucks John Rene in the sling



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