The Big C Men

After Justyn”s (John Rene) cockring commitment to David (Alec Cruz), they choose to impart the delight to mates Bobo (Axel Kane) and Darryl (Jessie Lee). The four glad revelers locate an abandoned spot at the showers to have a little improvised bash. The two hosts are open and sufficiently horny to play switchies and pair off with alternate folks to begin, David with Darryl and Justyn with Bobo.

After some underlying cock sucking fun, this goes the method for every single great bash and transforms into a group of bodies with mouths on dicks all over the place, and hands coming to crosswise over to ensure that everybody gets a HOT time. When they break out the condoms, David hops on Bobo’s enormous dick and Darryl furrows into Justyn.

Pictures of John Rene, Axel Kane, Alec Cruz and Jessie Lee

With legs noticeable all around and heads against contiguous sides of a section while they are getting their holes walloped, David and Justyn are the ideal picture of gay marriage.

What might a single guys’ commitment shower be without a real cum bath? Bobo and Darryl cum all the while, splashing a hot velvety sperm shower over the upbeat couple. Next it will be a great opportunity to turn the tables… The gathering’s not finished yet, young men!

Video – John Rene, Axel Kane, Alec Cruz and Jessie Lee for Sexy Rich Gaysians



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