Lucas Daniels Jerks Off For Swingin Balls

The guys from Swingin' Balls welcome a new buddy at their studios. Young, tattooed dude Lucas Daniels. He has a nice, big cock that begs to be stroked.

Lucas Daniels Jerks Off For Swingin Balls 3


Lucas Daniels is all in dark, from cattle rustler cap to endured dark pants. He resembles the ideal rancher prohibit. When he’s inside and on the bed, he keeps the cap on to fuel our dreams. His nuts are bushy and low-hanging, his ass separate blushing and secured with delicate wool hair. The tattoo of a smash’s horned skull is blazoned over his chest. His cock gets greater and greater, with a relentless thick shaft.

It’s a great opportunity to get serious, and Lucas at last doffs his boots and pulls the pants off his lower legs. He wraps an estimating tape around the thickest piece of his cock to flaunt that five and a half inch circumference. As he yanks, his egg-molded nuts weave here and there in their sack, and we get a pleasant look at the shaggy fix between his balls and butthole.

Lucas extends one arm to the side, draws his knees up and out. He’s drawing near to shooting a major wad. Accelerating, he focuses on the dickhead end of his enormous meat. With one final worrying, he shoots a thick shower onto his smooth hard stomach. On the off chance that we haven’t had enough of provocative Lucas, we return outside for some increasingly hot closeups of his cock and long low nuts in the late-evening shade.

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