The Big C Men

Marcus Rivers sits and offers a smoke to Bob, at that point off the lounge chair and they get serious. That is quickly – until Marcus makes a plunge so difficult to suck Bob that he basically thumps him down to the love seat. He energetically wards off Bob’s dick and slicks it down with some top of the line cocksucking. His horny amigo should simply rests, appreciate and watch Marcus get down to business.

While Marcus chills out and indicates Bob some hot porno on the cell phone, Bob stirs up the vitality to stroke his very own woody. And still, after all that Marcus looks on like an eager puppy, licking his lips to get back on that shaft once more. He ventures into his jeans and massages his pole while he watches Bob. Marcus at long last gets the heap of cum he’s been longing for, just it’s showered over his chest with scarcely a second to react.

Pictures of Marcus Rivers and Bob

A puff of smoke then Marcus is loose and prepared to drain his very own heap out horny prick. Splashed in sticky man juice, muscle boy Marcus develops a hot head of steam and snatches his nuts. He spreads the drying cum on his pinches and abs, accelerates his twitching. A couple of long full breaths and he’s prepared to blow. A course of thick sperm trickles down his pole, and he dunks a finger in to taste.

Video – Marcus Rivers blows Bob



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