The Big C Men

Master Aaron isn’t fulfilled yet and keeps manhandling poor Adam’s ass. This time the master brings his slave, who is still in a straitjacket, to the lounger and binds him to it with his legs up and his ass wide open. Aaron begins presenting a since quite a while ago red dildo inside Adam’s butt while he passes a stick wheel around his cock and balls.

Presently it’s a great opportunity to clear a path for the embarrassment and the master, assisted with a butt-centric brace, he opens and pisses inside his slave’s ass. At long last, Master Aaron conveys his hostage to a torment seat where continuing mishandling his balls and cock with the pinwheel once more.

Pictures of Master Aaron and Adam Power

In any case, it appears that Adam is getting a charge out of this treatment in light of the fact that at last cums in his masters hands.

Video – Master Aaron torments Adam Power



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