The Big C Men

When the meet and welcome are over with they both kick back on the bed and take their garments off. When they are bare Richard Buldger doesn’t squander a second and soon enough has his excited mouth everywhere on Jesse’s hard cock. He profound throats it and drools on top of it making Jesse groan with delight as he brings each inch down his throat. Richard has a faster enthusiastic cock sucking style yet once Jesse Kovac gets his mouth folded over Richard’s cock you can see the distinction.

Jesse Kovac takes as much time as is needed and gradually sucks on Richard’s thick cock bringing each inch deep into his mouth with the persistence of a specialist. Jesse gradually pushes his raw cock into Richard’s holding up ass. When the whole distance in Jesse starts to pound his ass profound and hard. Richard assumes control and his him lie on his back thus he gradually pushes his thick cock into his uncovered ass spreading his tight hole while stroking Jesse’s hard cock.

Pictures of Richard Buldger and Jesse Kovac

Richard Buldger is astonishing at what he does and as he fucks Jesse he can feel that ass take care of and with a couple of more siphons Jesse blows his huge load all over himself which makes Richard haul his dick out and stroke his developed load everywhere on Jesse’s cum drenched chest.

Video – Richard Buldger barebacks Jesse Kovac



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