Tony Orlando and Brian Bonds for Club Inferno Dungeon

In this scene by Club Inferno Dungeon, Tony Orlando penetrates Brian Bonds' ass with his fist. He punches Brian's ass until Brian shoots a giant load of cum.

Tony Orlando and Brian Bonds for Club Inferno Dungeon 2
The Big C Men

Brian Bonds and Tony Orlando get together for a fisting session by Club Inferno Dungeon. After a long and passionate kiss, Brian Bonds keeps on fucking Tony’s face. At that point he tells Tony “I’m going to demonstrate to you my fisting hole”. He brings down himself on Tony Orlando’s arm and starts to swallow it.

“What a good, deep ass” Tony concedes. By then Brian drops down to his knees and asks Tony to fist fuck his hole. Orlando continues with punch fisting that makes Brian’s rose hole sprouting. Tony reveres swollen blooms and advises Brian to unwind on the grounds because he’s going to demonstrate to him how the real men eat ass by rosebud rimming.

Tony licks Brian’s gape for some time before he slides his arm in Brian ass once more. His left clench hand works Brian’s hole as his right hand strokes Brian’s boner. Very soon Brian cums with a goliath shot, satisfied by Tony’s lithe hands.

Pictures of Tony Orlando and Brian Bonds

Video – Tony Orlando fist fucks Brian Bonds



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