AJ Alexander and David Luca for Young Bastards

Aggressive British fucker AJ Alexander fucks and humiliates David Luca in this video by Young Bastards. Enjoy AJ plowing and abusing poor David.

AJ Alexander and David Luca for Young Bastards 4


AJ Alexander is a forceful fucker, when he needs to get off he realizes he can control practically any person and get him on that bit of fuckmeat. He’s had his sights on David Luca, and the kid is entirely frightened when the forceful fucker goes up against him. Inside minutes he’s on his knees and despite the fact that he thought he was going to get a beating from the person he gets that spilling bit of hard cock in his face.

It turns out this probably won’t be the first run through the fellow has sucked a cock, AJ rams it in his mouth and fucks his face while he strips and reaches down to play with David’s ass. It may be tight however AJ is resolved to get his heap out with the fellow, and he’s going to slam that hole hard and raw to get his nuts emptying. Licking him out and wetting that pucker AJ prepares the fellow for his attractive cock, poking it up him and fucking the person against the stepping stool before taking a break to motivate some ass-to-mouth sucking.

Pictures of AJ Alexander and David Luca

Dom fucker AJ is tenacious in his butt-centric hammering, pushing his fuckmeat into the chap in each position, making the kid draws his very own juices off that cock and after that pummeling it once more into him once more, utilizing the kid until he can’t prevent his cum from heaving all over them two. Charming David experiences his dom cum, at that point experiences his very own when he shoots his wreckage out and AJ makes him lick it up!

Video – AJ Alexander and David Luca


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