Alan B Jerks Off For Active Duty

Beefy ex-soldier Alan B makes his debut at Active Duty. After his interview, he pulls his dick out and starts jerking off. Finally he ends with great, massive cumshot.

Alan B Jerks Off For Active Duty 1


Alan B is a nice soldier smooth with some moderate bristly legs with a major head on his hard cock. The ink he has is brilliant and not overpowering. As he turns out to be progressively agreeable he overlooks the outside world and is unified with the occasion. His dick is shake hard and he stands up so we can see his firm legs and tore abs.

He might be tranquil as he strokes his cock yet it’s his first time and we trust he returns to demonstrate to us his blowing abilities. Alan is loose as he swings his cock around appearing all his provocative merchandise. He wants to stand up and twitch his meat so we let him stand more often than not stroking his hard cock.

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Fortunate for us Claude never thinks twice and keeping in mind that Alan is standing he starts to shoot his thick nut everywhere on our floor making no stable however his face demonstrates to everything. Claude moves in for a nearby of all the warm cum trickling out of his dick and onto the floor.

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