Andres and Alvin for Young Bastards

Daddy Andres knows how to use his little slave Alvin in this video by Young Bastards. The brutal daddy aggressively fucks the horny twink in the ass.

Andres and Alvin for Young Bastards 2


Alvin is a respectful kid, yet on the other hand the smooth little twink doesn’t have much state in the issue when a daddy like Andres is in charge. Driven into the prison the crawling kid is situated for some beating, an oar smacking against his fragile little ass. When he’s been placed in his place sufficiently by his more established overwhelming companion he’s given a little reward; a delicious bit of substantial bone for him to suck on.

Huge daddy buddy Andres has the sort of cock that drools constantly, however this kid prefers a wet dick to completely support, drinking each huge of precum the accomplished instrument can offer. Reclining on the torn calfskin situate Andres presents his daddy cock for the puppy kid to ride, empowering the hot little twink to slide his exposed pucker down on his thick length.

Pictures of Andres and Alvin

Alvin obliges, as any respectful kid would, his groans of delight getting away from his lips while his hole slides here and there the requesting dick. Prepared to utilize the kid totally Andres gets the twink into the swing, nudging his tight little fuckhole and slamming his chute while Alvin wanks his way to a spouting peak, without a moment to spare for daddy Andres to haul out and include his own cream before pushing his wet meat directly once more into the kid.

Video – Andres and Alvin


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