Axel Abysse and LoveTheAss – Scene 2

LoveTheAss returns and this time it's his turn for fisting. Axel Abysse takes care of it. He fist fucks his partner and eventually licks his wrecked rosette.

Axel Abysse and LoveTheAss - Scene 2 4
The Big C Men

If you like gay fisting videos, we have a very good one today. Axel Abysse and his new friend LoveTheAss return with the second part of their mutual video, shot inside a hotel room in Tokyo. Last time Axel was the guy with a fist in the ass, so today he’s going to return the favor. LoveTheAss is surprisingly deep and as you’ll see later, he has a very impressive rosebud.

Axel starts by sliding some big, billiard balls in LoveTheAss. They’re more than big, so the bottom is very soon stretched to the max. Axel Abysse now can slip his whole fist in him. He punches his friend until his rosebud is blooming and ready for rimming.

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