Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

Jos Alvarez, Benjamin Dover and Richie West have all been as one sooner or later in their time on BSB, obviously it’s significantly hotter to watch them all together in the meantime, fucking and sucking and tasting one another, which is actually what they do as they get this trio in progress! Lying on the bed, Ben gets head from Richie while Jos sucks on Richie’s prick, Ben’s hand coming to over to stroke Jos’ cock as his other hand pushes Richie’s mouth more remote down on his dick. Be that as it may, Jos’ poor prick needs a wet mouth as well and Ben hangs over to suck on it until they switch things up as Jos and Richie 69 and Ben remains behind them, rimming and fingering Richie’s hole and afterward putting his cock in it, fucking Richie raw.

Jos stands up and pushes his prick into Richie’s mouth while Benjamin fucks him from behind, topping every one of his holes off until Benjamin goes along with them on the bed and gets some head from Richie next. Richie continues sucking Benjamin’s dick like a decent kid while Jos eats Richie’s ass, his tongue rimming that crisply fucked hole while Benjamin facefucks Richie.

Pictures of Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez and Richie West

Jos gets his dick in Richie’s ass, fucking him with his bareback prick before cumming hard at that point crawling around to get Richie’s hot jizz in his mouth and after that Benjamin’s as he strokes out his heap over Richie’s face!

Video – Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez and Richie West


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