Brandon Wilde, Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller – The Pledge

In the first scene from Falcon Studios' brand new movie "The Pledge", Brandon Wilde gets his ass fucked by sexy hunks Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller. Enjoy!

Brandon Wilde, Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller - The Pledge 4

Brandon Wilde takes a seat for his meet with Trevor Miller and Tyson Rush. Trevor clarifies that joining implies continually bailing a kindred sibling out regardless. To make his point, Trevor teaches Tyson to haul out his dick before requesting Brandon to demonstrate his value by assisting his future fraternity sibling with a penis massage. Brandon needs to demonstrate that he’s unwavering and opens his mouth wide to bring Tyson thick meat down his throat.

As Brandon chokes on Tyson’s throbbing cock, Trevor gets stripped and directions Brandon over to suck his cock also. The promise is anxious to if it’s not too much trouble so Brandon gets between Trevor’s legs and does as he’s told. Subsequent to getting his future siblings hard and prepared to fuck, Brandon twists around for Tyson to enter his ass. Tyson doesn’t squander whenever and pushes his long, raw cock profound into the vow’s hole.

Pictures of Brandon Wilde, Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller

He siphons away at Brandon’s ass until Trevor has his spot behind the school green bean to do likewise. Brandon’s ass feels astonishing and soon Trevor’s cock is prepared to detonate. Trevor hauls out and impacts his heap everywhere on Brandon’s naturally fucked hole before getting down and eating his cum from Brandon’s ass. Seeing Trevor eating his very own heap is everything necessary for Tyson to eject with his very own thick ropes of cum into Brandon’s mouth. Stacked up in the two holes, Brandon lets free on the floor as Trevor and Tyson leave to choose Brandon’s destiny. Did the vow demonstrate his value to the pledge?

Video – The Pledge: Scene 1




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