Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

As Chris Taylor and Ryan Pitt make out on the love seat, Ryan spreads his legs a touch of letting Chris get to that cock as they both run their hands over Ryan’s lump. They take as much time as is needed together, their tongues prodding each other’s neck, hands trailing crosswise over exposed chests as Ryan gradually works down toward Chris’ cock.

Hauling Chris’ dick out sufficiently only to achieve the tip, Ryan follows the head with his tongue, in the long run pulling Chris’ shorts off totally so he can get full access to that delicious cock and huge balls. Spreading that ass, Ryan edges it tenderly, his tongue lapping at that hole before they switch so that Ryan gets the chance to appreciate some head as well, Chris on his knees getting Ryan’s prick decent and hard as he tongues his balls and shaft. At the point when Ryan’s dick is great and hard he enthusiastically pushes it into Chris’ tight ass, extending that hole around his fat dick as he pushes further and afterward fucks Chris raw.

Pictures of Chris Taylor and Ryan Pitt

Chris takes that cock, groaning as that since quite a while ago bended cock contacts somewhere within him as they breakdown onto the lounge chair and Chris rides him, moving his ass all over that fat cock while he twitches himself off. With Ryan’s bareback cock up his ass, Chris strokes out a major burden while Ryan keeps on beating him, that tight ass making him cum next as his smooth seed spills out the tip of his throbbing dick!

Video – Chris Taylor fucks Ryan Pitt


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