Cory Kane and Nico Leon for Cocky Boys

Cory Kane and Nico Leon fuck for Cocky Boys. They start with mutual exchange of blowjobs. Cory then bends Nico over and slides his raw cock in the stud.

Cory Kane and Nico Leon for Cocky Boys 1


Nico Leon is in an unusual mind-set and he needs Cory Kane to enable him to fulfill that hankering. Simply pondering having his hole claimed gets Nico going, yet he’s truly energized by blindfolding himself and restricting himself face down to the bed. So when Cory arrives he goes appropriate to rimming and playing with the revolving ass presented. Nico makes it very evident that he needs Cory inside him and soon he gets his desire: Cory’s raw cock sliding in.

Cory begins off moderate however before long overwhelms Nico’s ass with a profound pounding…just like Nico asks boisterously for. Nico’s sex talk mixes Cory’s overwhelming and verbal side and he makes Nico suck his cock. After some profound face-fucking Cory needs back inside Nico and as he penetrates him hard again he takes more control. Expelling his blindfold and wrist limitations Cory pushes Nico to the brink of collapse to fuck him and withdraw however he sees fit. Cory flips an unreasonable Nico on his back and pushes profound.

Pictures of Cory Kane and Nico Leon

BUT..Nico flips the content and gets Cory on his back, restricting him and sucking his veiny pole. Nico cock-encourages Cory’s lips and afterward rides his cock to edge him with his hole and hands. Cory hurts for discharge, yet it’s Nico who cums first, shooting on Cory’s chest and his face. He at that point gives him a wild edging with his mouth and a vibrator lastly as Cory strains his wrist lashes Nico milks his cock to give himself and facial. As they kiss the main inquiry seems to be: Will Nico set Cory free?

Video – Cory Kane barebacks Nico Leon


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