Damian Dragon and Axel Abysse for Peter Fever

Peter Fiver goes crazy with his latest video, a part from his Kink Series. After fucking Axel Abysse hard in his ruined ass, Damian Dragon begins to fist fuck him.

Damian Dragon and Axel Abysse for Peter Fever 4
Next Door Studios

At the point when Damian Dragon comes in the entryway, Axel Abysse is glad to see him. “A debt of gratitude is in order for coming, I need your assistance!” he murmurs. They start kissing and crushing their bodies together, and Damian’s hands go directly to Axel’s round firm goods. Damian pulls off Axel’s tight dark shirt and snack on a ring that punctures his areola. Axel lifts Damian’s shirt over his head and we see the substantial dark tackle he’s wearing.

Axel licks his lips and delicately opens Damian’s belt, hauls his dick out and begins sucking. He works his tongue from balls to the smooth tan dickhead. Damian turns him around and yanks down his jeans to uncover the pale ass surrounded by the dark pattern briefs, makes a plunge and starts rimming. Axel groans in joy and needs more. The shorts descend so that Axel can stand broadlegged and Damian inspires a wide open hole to adore with his mouth.

Axel hops on the eating table and keeps down his lupper leg. Damian laps and licks, gets his hole wet and lubed, at that point drives in his hard cock. Axel clutches onto Damian’s bridle as he penetrates into Axel, at that point twiddles his areola. Damian hauls out and slides in four fingers. Tenderly extending and opening up Axel’s hole gets him arranged to take the whole clench hand. Wearing a dark latex glove and slathering on a thick lube, he enters Axel’s ass.

Pictures of Damian Dragon and Axel Abysse

Axel remains with on leg up on the table, moaning as his ass respects the smooth hard weight of Damian’s clench hand as it pushes past the wrist. Lube trickles as he pops his clench hand in and out. At last he swings to Axel and asks, “Would you say you are certain you left your keys up there? I couldn’t discover them anyplace!”

Video – Damian Dragon fists and fucks Axel Abysse


Next Door Studios


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