Derek Bolt and Jay Landford for Raging Stallion

In this bareback scene by Raging Stallion, muscular dude Derek Bolt bottoms for Jay Landford. Jay slides his cock balls deep inside Derek and pumps him.

Derek Bolt and Jay Landford for Raging Stallion 3


Derek Bolt is giving Jay Landford a voyage through his new home that is still under development. At the point when Derek makes reference to that Jay will most likely ‘fit all his garbage’ in the ace storeroom, Jay gets diverted and can just think about Derek’s huge ass. Derek is available to Jay’s advances and soon the two studs are getting uncovered amidst the development zone. Derek is the first to give in to his wants and drops down to suck on Jay’s beast whole cock.

Derek can’t get enough of the thick meat and would be substance to suck it throughout the day if his ass didn’t require a raw dick so awful. Derek earnestly twists around the work seat and curves his back to give Jay full access to his hole. Jay slips his uncovered dick in and pounds hard as Derek groans out with each push from Jay’s swollen cock. T

Pictures of Derek Bolt and Jay Landford

he studs switch it up a couple of times before settling back on Jay mounting up from behind one final time. With a couple of conclusive pushes of his mammoth dick, Jay cums everywhere on Derek’s air pocket butt and pushes the jizz inside to keep fucking the development specialist the whole distance as far as possible. With his ass brimming with cum, Derek is prepared to blow and pivots to shoot his heap everywhere throughout the floor.

Video – Derek Bolt bottoms for Jay Landford


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