Dominic Pacifico – Sounding Solo

In this solo video, legendary porn daddy Dominic Pacifico plays with his cock. He inserts a sounding rod inside it and jerks off until his cock spits its cum.

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Attractive wrinkle daddy Dominic glares into the camera with a come-here look, at that point rubs a grateful hand over his thickly ripped bushy middle. he comes to down to grab his enormous whole cock. Pulling the prepuce forward and afterward back over the head, he thickens and hardens it for the unusual activity to come.

Dominic takes up a long, shining metal sounding bar and slides the initial couple of crawls into his cock. With his urethra loaded down with smooth hard metal he begins to snap He toys with the bar, coasting it easily in and out his delicious piss cut. A gob of precum and lube shimmers as he slides the bar over the leader of his dick, at that point returns it inside.

He attempts another, thicker sounding pole with the length studded with low lumps, gets his nuts and strokes with it inside. The pole is completely embedded, with just and inch and the bar ball tip jutting from Dominic’s long tan cock. He splashes a long stream of piss that showers along the pole tip and wellsprings out as he venerates his tight fit body. As he withdraws the bar a major spurt of piss shoots out.

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He’s prepared to cum now. Dominic straddles his nuts over the dark cowhide stage and drains out a rich shower from his touchy, extended cut. As a last demonstration of self-adore, Dominic bows and licks up each drop from the warm dark calfskin.

Video – Dominic Pacifico: Cock Sounding Solo


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