Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

It’s the second round for BDSM lovers Manuel Scalco and Dyson Asbury. The Master begins to piss on his slave and in his mouth while the submissive guy is on his knees before taking him to a parlor. Once there, Manuel sucks his cock and contacts his stripped body making him groan.

So horny now, the ace sits on his slave’s face so he can suck his cock while he keeps sucking Dyson’s dick. Not long after, Manuel sits on the lounger and spots Dyson laid on his chest to twitch him off. After the most sweltering bastard we at any point seen previously, Dyson at long last cums everywhere on his Masters’s hands.

Pictures of Dyson Asbury and Manuel Scalco

Video – Dyson Asbury and Manuel Scalco


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