Falcon Studios Presents Beach Rats of Lauderdale

Falcon presents BEACH RATS OF LAUDERDALE, their first bareback movie in almost 30 years! Tony Dimarco headed down to sunny Florida and pulled out all the stops for this historic Falcon blockbuster.

Falcon Studios Presents Beach Rats of Lauderdale 2
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Welcome to first Falcon Studios’ bareback movie in 30 years! ‘Beach Rats of Lauderdale’ will take the necessary steps to get a few. Join grant winning executive Tony Dimarco as he takes eight hung and horny hunks, including Falcon Exclusive Devin Franco, on this sun-drenched bareback, blockbuster experience, Falcon Studios’ first without condom discharge in almost 30 years.

Hard on himself in the mood for being a piece of the criminal arrangement, Devin Franco looks for shelter in an exceptional fuck with a forceful hot daddy, Myles Landon, to overlook his inconveniences. When they get together, Myles flashes his massive cock and slams it in raw into Devin’s ass. Weed merchant Manuel Skye clarifies that Roman Todd won’t get any weed except if he puts out. Roman does his part, surrendering his smooth hole to Manuel’s massive, whole dick. Manuel wraps up on Roman’s ass and gives Roman the weed he was guaranteed. Shoreline Rate Michael Delray keeps running into his amigo, Vadim Black, while skateboarding.

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Vadim sees what Michael is holding, and he needs some bud. Vadim makes a move while they toke, and Michael presents his tight ass. Vadim siphons Michael’s ass, while he siphons him for data on who has the weed. Michael surrenders his ass to a heap and spills the information. With his recently discovered learning, Vadim prepares an arrangement to take the weed from Devin Franco. Vadim gets his buddy Scott Demarco to journey Devin on the shoreline and lead him to a recreation center, where Devin cheerfully jumps on his knees. Obscure Vadim participate until Devin is secured with goliath heaps of cum. Scott snatches Devin’s knapsack of weed, while Devin is completing off Vadim.

With his face dribbling in cum, Devin understands that that the score has been stolen. Devin returns and to tell the group that he lost their weed, and an immense contention breaks out, causing Devin to keep running off looking for an irregular outsider to pound his ass. Devin winds up in an interstate rest stop where hung stud, JJ Knight fills Devin’s ass with his massive dick and a goliath heap of cum as a more interesting looks on. At the point when the bathroom entryway opens one last time, Devin discovers his destiny remaining in a precarious situation.

Video – Beach Rats of Lauderdale

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