Manuel Scalco and David Luca for My Dirtiest Fantasy

Manuel Scalco is David Luca's new Master in this week's BDSM scene by My Dirtiest Fantasy. After some domination, Manuel fucks his slave bareback.

Manuel Scalco and David Luca for My Dirtiest Fantasy 5


David Luka is a cheerful slave kid who sits tight for his lord in the prison. At the point when his lord, Manuel Scalco, goes into in the room, both rapidly start to kiss and contact each other until Manuel puts him on a torment confine where he’s verified in the stocks.

When the ace removes the David’s garments, he begins rimming his ass and licks every last bit of his legs and feet. Before long Manuel, can’t avoid more and bounces on the confine to give the kid a harsh fuck. Be that as it may, the ace isn’t fulfilled yet and loosens David to proceed with generally fucking him on the tangle.

Pictures of Manuel Scalco and David Luca

After some damn hot stances, Manuel stands up a requests David to suck his cock. In the wake of jolting off, the ace impacts his heap everywhere on his slave’s filthy mouth.

Video – Manuel Scalco and David Luca


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