Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

One speculation about who met at the GayVN Awards this year and truly gotten along. Mateo Vice and Damian Gray was a tease no doubt, BUT they didn’t follow up on it and spared it for the raw flip-fuck you see here. Mateo utilizes an arousing approach with Damian who reacts by sucking him and satisfying a vocal Mateo to no closure. What’s more, subsequent to getting it so great Mateo is similarly as glad to give Damian’s cock the equivalent insightful joy.

Subsequent to giving some profound throating and ball-sucking activity Mateo just needs to ask and Damian slides his hole over Mateo’s cock and rides him. Mateo lets Damian ride his cock the manner in which he loves it..which is additionally as Mateo likes it. So when Damian remounts Mateo in switch cowhand they accomplish shared similarity very easily…from moderate and erotic to hard and profound. What’s more, they’re both in agreement when they choose to flip.

Pictures of Mateo Vice and Damian Gray

Damian edges Mateo and before long gives him some hard push fucking…slightly harsh the way Mateo likes it. An empowered Mateo then gets Damian on his back, sucks him again and jumps on his cock to truly work his hole on it. He conveys Damian to the edge, however Damian needs to cum with Mateo inside him. So in one quick move Mateo fucks Damian on his back until he shoots his heap. What’s more, nearly as fast Mateo cums all around of Damian and back in once more. Certainly worth the pause!

Video – Mateo Vice and Damian Gray: Flip Fuck


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