Peter Fever Presents: Jessie Lee and Trevor Northman

Jessie Lee and Trevor Northman get together in episode 1 of Peter Fever's "Cock Box Blindfold". Muscular Jessie dominates Trevor and fucks his ass.

Peter Fever Presents: Jessie Lee and Trevor Northman 5


Peter Fever’s super star Jessie Lee is new out of the shower and preparing for bed when Trevor Northman comes thumping at the entryway. Trevor says that he’s doing the “discovery challenge” where individuals endeavor to overcome ordinary assignments blindfolded. He’s here to have hot sex with his sweetheart while never removing the blindfold.

Jessie helps Trevor out of his garments and drops his towel. Trevor doesn’t have to see a thing with a hot succulent cock springing up into his face, and instinctually begins sucking. Jessie gives him a kiss to keep him up and horny, sends him back to deal with that cock some more.

With Trevor stooping on the hassock seat, Jessie goes in to lick his hot bronzed ass. Trevor squirms and groans with enjoyment, stretches around to pull Jessie in closer. Jessie folds on a condom and furrows into the hot wet hole. Trevor moves into Jessie’s groin to meet each hard stroke, Jessie clutching his shoulder for influence. Trevor rolls onto his back, pulls his legs wide separated and ass open for Jessie to pummel in. A major burden is beginning to gush within both horny fuckers.

Pictures of Jessie Lee and Trevor Northman

Jessie gets Trevor by the thighs and accelerates. He rubs his hands along the tight hard muscles of Trevor’s chest, gets his cock and crushes. The bed and both folks are shaking and thundering with a major climax to come. Jessie hauls out without a moment to spare for Trevor to splash a pieces of sticky cum the length of his strong abs. Jessie spurts out his very own as Trevor comes to up to draw off the blindfold. “You’re not my sweetheart!” Trevor shouts as he understands he meandered into the wrong room. “No however a debt of gratitude is in order for the hot fuck!” Jessie reacts with a kiss and a wink.

Video – Jessie Lee tops for Trevor Northman


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