Ricky Larkin and Grant Ryan for Raging Stallion

Ricky Larkin fucks Grant Ryan in the ass, bareback. The scene starts with Grant sucking Ricky. Larkin then rims Grant's ass before he fucks him hard and raw.

Ricky Larkin and Grant Ryan for Raging Stallion 5


Grant Ryan is hanging drywall when Ricky Larkin comes in to determine the status of his work. Grant’s work is all wrong and it sends Ricky into a fury. The main way Grant can demonstrate his value and persuade Ricky not to flame him is to render his administrations on Ricky’s huge dick. Grant anxiously drops to his knees as Ricky drops his jeans to the floor. Ryan’s folds his warm mouth over Ricky’s cock and ensures Ricky is completely erect, so Grant can sit back to give Ricky slide access to him balls deep.

Give jumps over Ricky’s fat, raw dick and skips here and there, keeping Ricky on the edge and prepared to blast. Ricky isn’t done right now however and tosses Grant onto his back with his legs spread. Ricky pushes his uncovered cock inside by and by and proceeds with the constant beating until he dumps his heap everywhere on Grant’s bristly groin.

Pictures of Ricky Larkin and Grant Ryan

Ricky gathers up the cum with his dick and pushes everything back inside Grant’s throbbing hole. The sentiment of Ricky’s dick sliding around in his cum-filled ass is everything necessary for Grant to let free and blow his own heap everywhere on his own furry body.

Video – Ricky Larkin raw fucks Grant Ryan


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