Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

Eddie Danger has come to utilize the washroom yet finds the latrine is out of request. He at that point sees the hole in the mass of the slow down and sees a couple of shoes underneath and afterward two fingers motioning him to the hole. Being bold, he hauls out his huge cock and puts it through the hole where Scott’s hot mouth is sitting tight for him. Scott Riley sucks for some time and afterward pivots and rubs his ass of Eddie’s cock.

He lubes up the cock and slides down on it and Eddie fucks him through the Glory Hole. Eddie then needs to see who is behind the hole and requests that he turn out. At the point when Scott ventures out, Eddie is agreeably amazed by how hot Scott is.

Pictures of Scott Riley and Eddie Danger

Eddie twists Scott over and fucks him from behind. Eddie then lies on the floor and Scott sucks his cock some more before hopping to finish everything and riding it profound and hard. Eddie hauls out and stands up and nourishes his heap to Scott. Scott keeps sucking his cock and shoots his own heap.

Video – Scott Riley bottoms for Eddie Danger


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